Monday, November 23, 2009

Treasury Update, Camera and Light box update..

In last 3 days, my designs have been included in 3 different Treasuries. Lately I haven't been checking Craftopolis website for Treasury updates but last friday I did and surprisingly I was in 2 Treasuries at the same time. Today I checked again and I am featured in one :) It is great honor to be included in Treasury!!

To tell you the truth, I haven't been too happy with my photos lately. In summer, I use to take photos outside in the natural light. But its been getting very cold here in east coast now and by the time I come home from work in the evening, its already dark outside so taking good photos is a constant struggle.

I have been thinking of creating light box for very long time when I saw discussions about people getting great results from home-made inexpensive light box.

Finally I got to create one last weekend. I used this tutorial as my base but there are many good tutorials with pictures online. I used tracing paper instead of fabric as stated in tutorial.

And I also got my first Digital SLR camera - Canon T1i last week:) Its really fun playing with the new toy :) For me, its a big upgrade since all this years, I was using simple Canon 5 Mega Pixel Point & Shoot camera for all my photos.

The listings featured in Treasuries were one of the first ones taken with new camera and using light box. Although I am not very comfortable with all the settings yet and have a lot of learning to do, I guess it is kind of working :)

And now here are the Post It Holders that were featured -

Blue Floral Post It Holder

Orange Floral Post It Note Holder

Paisley Post it holder

Treasury-Orange Paisley




Caroline said...

Those Post-it holders are a great idea. I love the idea of a little pad to carry around my sticky notes. I especially love this one:

Bridget said...

I use a homemade light box & it does make a difference. Mine is cardboard with tissue paper.