Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Wedding" Premade Scrapbook Album

This was a last minute christmas order. The client wanted Christmas themed wedding album. The wedding colors were Ivory & Red.

I used black/ivory/red colors to give classic feel to wedding album. It looks very beautiful in person.

The album measures 6" x 6". There are 12 pages in this album tied with heart ribbons, binding is also sewn in middle for additional durability.
I used Red Paper bags to create this album. There are 3 pull-out pages tucked in the pockets of paper bags and additional pocket pages with tags for more photos/memorabilia/journaling.
As you will find in all my albums, I used lot of bling, 3-d embellishments, ribbons, etc. All the elements that overlaps a photo mat has been lifted so the photos can slide in.

If you like my style and would like me to create a personalized album for you in any theme, please contact me with details at

Wedding-Custom 001

Wedding-Custom 003

Wedding-Custom 004

Wedding-Custom 005

Wedding-Custom 006

Wedding-Custom 007

Dreaming of White Christmas - Treasury

It is brrr cold and storm is about to hit us in NJ with 6-12 inches of snow. When I woke up this morning, Treasury was just about to open so I managed to grab one.. As you can imagine White Christmas is in my mind, so here is the Treasury :)

White Christmas 12-19-09

Monday, December 7, 2009

Publication News.. Craft Fair Update..

I am very honored to be published in Fox Channel's My9 News - NJMyWay blog ( online blog that feature food, shopping, businesses, events and good causes around the state of New Jersey ).

I got in touch with HauteKeys on Etsy who was looking for local artisans to feature in her article. She was so sweet to include my little shop as well in her article - Jersey Crafters On Line

I also had my first Holiday Boutique Craft Show last week. It was a great experience. I packed up everything carefully and forgot to take one important thing, guess what - a CAMERA. So sorry friends, I don't have picture of my booth setup but if I say so myself, I was quite impressed with how it came together. I took all the help from Etsy forums regarding Craft Shows that I could get regarding table display, approaching customers, etiquette and everything in between.

I didn't buy anything new for the setup as this was my first craft show and I haven't planned on doing more shows for this year.

I used everything that I could find around the house.

I already had Bed Risers that I used to raise the height of my table. I then put a queen size bed sheet as my table cloth ( worked perfectly fine ) which covered all 3 sides ( front, and 2 sides ) so I could hide all the boxes and extras underneath the table without showing mess to the customers. On top of the bed sheet, I laid a lace bathroom shower curtain which looked very sophisticated.

I then started setting up products. I took 4 white trays in which I put my Post It Holders. I raised height of 2 trays by putting white boxes beneath them - it gave height variation and added more interest. I put all my Scrapbook Albums in a rectangle basket and few for display outside on the table.

I took 2 cheap plastic shoe racks which were easy to assemble/disassemble and added Checkbook Covers, Passport Covers, and Business Card Covers by putting them on hooks. They were exactly at the eye level and drew lot of people to the table.

I had one design open of each cover if somebody wanted to touch and see them :)

For Magnetic Calendars, I took a cookie baking tray with me which stayed nice and tall showing each one in detail.

I know its hard to visualize all these without a picture, but what can I say I totally forgot to bring a camera in all the hurry and excitement :(

The response was good whoever stopped at the table but there were not many people who came for the event.

Its not that hard to explain to people about your own product. I wasn't sure if I would be able to say anything to people looking at my products and market them effectively. Response was good so I can say I can do my own marketing in future face-to-face ( my biggest worry ).

So overall, I would say I gained lot of experience, found out I can do marketing and made some money while doing it!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Treasury Update, Camera and Light box update..

In last 3 days, my designs have been included in 3 different Treasuries. Lately I haven't been checking Craftopolis website for Treasury updates but last friday I did and surprisingly I was in 2 Treasuries at the same time. Today I checked again and I am featured in one :) It is great honor to be included in Treasury!!

To tell you the truth, I haven't been too happy with my photos lately. In summer, I use to take photos outside in the natural light. But its been getting very cold here in east coast now and by the time I come home from work in the evening, its already dark outside so taking good photos is a constant struggle.

I have been thinking of creating light box for very long time when I saw discussions about people getting great results from home-made inexpensive light box.

Finally I got to create one last weekend. I used this tutorial as my base but there are many good tutorials with pictures online. I used tracing paper instead of fabric as stated in tutorial.

And I also got my first Digital SLR camera - Canon T1i last week:) Its really fun playing with the new toy :) For me, its a big upgrade since all this years, I was using simple Canon 5 Mega Pixel Point & Shoot camera for all my photos.

The listings featured in Treasuries were one of the first ones taken with new camera and using light box. Although I am not very comfortable with all the settings yet and have a lot of learning to do, I guess it is kind of working :)

And now here are the Post It Holders that were featured -

Blue Floral Post It Holder

Orange Floral Post It Note Holder

Paisley Post it holder

Treasury-Orange Paisley



Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sticky Note Covers

I have been invited to sell my handmade products in a Holiday Boutique in a office in December. I have never done a face-to-face marketing before. I am very shy by nature but since its a small setting, I would like to try it out. I am not going to go with lot of expectations, I am just looking to have a fun experience.

I will be taking my Post It Holders, Business Card wallets, Checkbook covers along with scrapbook albums. I am thinking to make a few small ticket items to have different price range. I have too many things to work out yet like table setup and display but I am looking forward to it.

I haven't posted new Sticky Note covers from the shop in a long time so here they are..

These make great gifts for Teachers, co-workers, friends or little something to pamper yourself - perfect for holidays.

Paisley Pink/Green -
Paisley Pink/Green Amy Butler Post It Holder

Blue/Green Glittered -
Blue Green Silver Post It Holder

Olive Green / Pink -
Amy Butler Belle Post It Holder

Brown/Pink/Green Jelly Bean -
Amy Butler Brown Pink Green Solla Post It Holder

"Life is filled with great treasures" -
Amy Butler Green Paisley Post It Organizer

Pink/Brown/Ivory Floral -
Amy Butler Pink Brown Post It Organizer

Green/Blue -
Amy Butler Blue Green Post It Holder

Pink/Grey/Green leaves -
Amy Butler Post It Holder

Monday, November 9, 2009

"Family" Scrapbook Mini Paper Bag Album

I love the rich brown and green shades in this album.

I used K&Company Papers in this album. I used coffee stained handmade tags as well on each page.








Available in my Etsy Shop - NehalisScrapBoutique

Update -
This album has been included in this awesome Treasury - Let's Give Thanks curated by heartsabustin.
Check it out, its valid till Wednesday Nov 11 -

Family Treasury

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Pregnant" Mini Scrapbook Paper Bag Album

This Mini Album features bright and cheerful colors, tags, machine stitching, lots of flowers - everything a mother-to-be would like in her pregnancy journal.
This album would also make a great gift for baby showers!

"Pregnant" Paper Bag Mini Album

"Pregnant" Paper Bag Mini Album

"Pregnant" Paper Bag Mini Album

"Pregnant" Paper Bag Mini Album

"Pregnant" Paper Bag Mini Album

"Pregnant" Paper Bag Mini Album

Available in my Etsy shop - NehalisScrapBoutique

Monday, October 12, 2009

Adoption Paper Bag Scrapbook Album

This Adoption themed album is asian inspired girl themed mini scrapbook album. What a great way to treasure all the memories of adoption process.

It is a 6 x 6 Paper Bag Album. I tied lots of ribbons on the ends and it looks so pretty. All the papers have asian inspired writing, flowers, plants, butterflies etc. I love the rich colors in this album. It has a very cute poem related to adoption process.

The album is available for sale in my Etsy shop - NehalisScrapBoutique

Hope you enjoy it!

"Adoption" Paper Bag Album

"Adoption" Paper Bag Album

"Adoption" Paper Bag Album

"Adoption" Paper Bag Album

"Adoption" Paper Bag Album

Friday, October 9, 2009

Introducing and new products

I finally bought my own domain - I haven't started working on web design yet so for now it is being redirected to my Etsy shop from where goodies can be bought :)

I have introduced new products in shop - Checkbook Covers, Passport Covers, Business Card Wallets, 2010 fridge calendars and more..

I have designed matching sets so they can be bought in a set and can be given as great functional holiday gift.. I know it feels too soon but holidays are approaching sooner than we think ;)

Pink / Brown Polka Dot Gift Set -

Pink Brown Polka dot Gift set

This set includes Checkbook Cover, Passport Cover, 2010 Magnet Calendar and Credit Card Wallet.

Orange / Brown Polka Dot Gift Set -

Orange Brown gift set

This set includes Checkbook Cover, Passport Cover, 2010 Magnet Calendar and Business Card Wallet.

Turquoise Blue / Tropical Green Gift Set -

Green Turquoise gift set

Set includes Checkbook Cover, Passport Cover, 2010 Magnet Calendar and Business Card Case.

Cheetah / Leopard Animal print Gift Set
Leopard Print Business Gift set

Teal Blue Gift set -
Blue Gift Set

Red Black Floral Romantic Set -

Black Red Gift Set

Black Teal Paisley Set -
Black Teal Gift Set

Black Cream Pink Stripes Set -
Black White Pink Gift Set

Monday, September 28, 2009

"Hope" Breast Cancer Inspirational Scrapbook Album

I made an album on the same theme last year - Cancer "Hope" Album and this year too I was inspired to create the album based on the same beautiful poem "Cancer is so limited"..

There are quotes on hope, faith, strength etc. and lot of poems for encouragement throughout the album. What a great way to show someone you care and you are there to support them in whichever way she needs through this album.

There are 12 pages including front and back album. There are 4 more pages including half circle, half page, shaped pages to give the album more dimension. There are lots of tags as well. All the pages are machine sewed.

I made a little quilted page for the front -

"Cancer is so limited" - Hope Scrapbook Album

"Cancer is so limited" - Hope Scrapbook Album

"Cancer is so limited" - Hope Scrapbook Album

"Cancer is so limited" - Hope Scrapbook Album

"Cancer is so limited" - Hope Scrapbook Album

"Cancer is so limited" - Hope Scrapbook Album

"Cancer is so limited" - Hope Scrapbook Album

You can view more close-ups and details on my Flickr .

The album is available in my Etsy shop - Hope Scrapbook Album