Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trying to make my Etsy shop more visible..

There are lot of new things that I am trying out to promote my Etsy shop as much as possible.
I am trying to get more visiblity through different sources.

Last night I bought the Flickr Pro account. It was getting more and more difficult with each additional pictures. With free account, only 200 pictures are visible and I already have uploaded over 320 images in less than a month. I have made a definite sale through Flickr so thought it is a good investment from both personal and business point of view. Now I can organize each album in seperate sets and create collections and so on.

I also joined Twitter as according to few threads on Etsy forums thats the next "in" thing..lol..
I created this mosaic for sidebar so my creations can be seen whoever visits my page at Twitter. I learnt it from this thread on Etsy forums.

I added few more calendars and note holders to my Etsy shop. Last week was pretty dry. Didn't have any sale except for weekend. Got a custom order as well but nothing to brag about. I am not sure yet what works and what doesn't! I am trying to establish myself before the actual holiday sales picks up.
Lets see how it goes!
If you have any suggestions,tips or your success stories, please do share! I would love to hear it :)



kim* said...

yes twitter is the new thing. i wont do it but everyone else is.

Suzanne Webb said...

HOpe all goes well with you new items on etsy..they are so cute, haven't heard about twitter yet, but will, and thanks for the link to the thread on etsy :)

sally aka cellomom said...

I would love to know the answers to that too...but I'm sure Blogging is one of the best advertising outlets! Keep posting on forums!! and the other new thing (or maybe it's old now...LOL!) is Facebook!! networking central!! thanks for the inspiration...your creations are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, good luck with all the promotion you're doing. You have great items in your shop so all your hard work should pay off. Let us know how it goes!

Jenn~ said...

Yup, I definately would never have found you without Flickr....and while I am still testing the Twitter outlet, it definately can not hurt right!! :)